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Mountain lodge

The last Exsud challenge has increased.

In Meribel, in the heart of three valleys, interior designers Charlotte Esquenet and Anne-Julie Entremont left their mark in the interior of a real hotel diamond. John Wise' residence, surrounded by mountains, at the foot of the slopes presents oneself as a luxurious, cozy living space designed for groups.

The four seasons' score played without false sounds, lines stretched like horizon and natural materials in delicate colors. Common living space in a soothing atmosphere of wood, traditional and sophisticated. Rings of ebony, milled mdf and lacquered metal plates decorate the majestic piece of furniture that dominates in the living room space.

The subtly built-in fireplace radiates. Let's sit end on, around a huge table with varnished metal legs and a counter from a rainforest marble, a rare natural artwork resembling of tree branches from the surrounding nature. White coat hanger, accent from the White collection, climbs up ...

On the first floor and in the attic, five harmonious apartments with accents in the Exsud' style, like this piece of bathroom furniture made of solid brushed oak, beautiful in its simplicity, or upholstered bed headboard. Prestigious interior where you will find your place at the top ...