Imagine the interior of a beautiful bourgeois mansion from the end of the 19th century.

Challenge was taken by the interior designers from Exsud company with a huge range of furniture, accessories and materials from their famous collection of Black never lies, White and Rouge Sable. There is no unity of place or time here. Everyone is free to play all the scenes from their lives. We change rooms as we change the decor. Let's start with the sunny moment in the living room. Warm shades of limestone plasters, sand and ocher, accompanied by cavernous seats made of extruded velvet, smooth leather of the wide couch and light wood of the low sideboard emphasize the lime green of the famous Cactus hanger.

Let us go to the bathroom with this huge oval bath, whose pure white is the answer to the black of the armature with a swan-neck shaped spout. Openwork metal furniture with scale motif. Outside, on the terrace, we find the same bench and the same parabolic screen, permeated by the breath of the wind. In the kitchen, Exsud plays a score with extreme sophistication. From the ceiling, surrounded by a band of light, discrete or monumental lamps reveal the patterns of polished marble and matt wood. Next, at the foot of a spiral staircase with a smooth, flawless handrail, a small romantic living room with varnished white furniture and a monumental posture of the Rebutia floral lamp.

At the top, another salon encourages confidences. Deep pouf, soft and wide sofas, tables of unparalleled shapes, arranged like colorful accents around a huge silky gray carpet with silver reflections. The most important is that everything starts now …