Your aspirations are our inspirations

Passion to share

We share it with you offering quality, originality, stability, uniqueness of interior equipment but also design supervision – from conception to realisation.

To embody the interior of your dreams

For us, aesthetic  effect is an important element of search, present during making a conception and planning design furniture and accessories. The play of colors and shapes, perfect lines. Selection of material. Glass, metal, wood. Our aim is to emphasize advantages and change every space into homely and very personal place to live – of course, following the trends.

Exclusiveness at a reasonable price available for everyone

Our  wish is design would be in everybody’s within  at an accessible and flexible price.

Creativity and customized offer

For us ‘creativity’ and ‘customized offer’ are the keywords.

Why creativity?

Because, in our offices and production places we constantly keep on searching innovative ideas, interior projects and new production technologies.

Why customized offer?

Because we know how to conform the offer to your individual needs, both private interior projects and exclusive hotels – domestic and abroad.

Dimensions do not meet your expectations?

Exsud proposes items made to size, adjusts the dimensions of products from the collection to individual needs or achieves your new hotel or restaurant projects.


Charlotte Esquenet & Julie Entremont