A two-star chef

The one who follows Exsud can be surprised discovering San's new restaurant. Those who follow the extraordinary work of the two-star chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre will be satisfied with the cathedral setting for simple culinary gems, nobility that owes everything thank to naturalness.

Nature and gastronomy

Indeed, we feel harmony here, where nature regained its rights, in this open space in the service of good food. Of course, materials have fundamental importance. Natural stone, brick, metal, solid wood and fabrics radiate with texture and deep, warm colors.

Light and height

Like a choir that resonates under a high ceiling covered with a huge path of red metal leaves. The light falls from above, pours out like a well or flows along electric vines that end like clay stalactites around a bright spot.

Furniture close to nature

Tables with forged legs, stylized on trees and consoles surrounded by wooden stools and metal chairs with light legs topped with a tambourine whitewashed seat.