The restauration Toshiro

Belgium's capital is home to some of the kingdom's culinary nuggets. A wide range of flavors, each of which is popular, are created here with passion by a handful of talented chefs.Belgium's capital is home to some of the kingdom's culinary nuggets. A wide range of flavors, all of which are popular, are passionately created here by a handful of talented chefs.

Among them is the Toshiro restaurant. The chef is none other than Toshi Fujii, the right hand of two-star chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre of L'air du Temps in Liernu.

Toshi, according to his nickname: the right chef, in the right place, at the right time.

Proud of his solid gastronomic experience, he invests in this place with a desire: to make this "cube", a friendly restaurant steeped in his roots. Confirming his background, Toshi let us handle the arrangement of the space and create his universe.

So we created "Toshiro"

Simple, unadorned tables, at which contemporary chairs in a beautiful blue-gray color harmonize, without too much pomp.

On the walls linen fabrics. The best that nature has to offer, placed there like paintings. A nod to Japanese Noren (which are usually placed at the entrances of restaurants in Japan). Here, each table decorated with a "Noren" hanging above it invites you to enter the chef's world.

Reclaimed beams create visual support and add some dimension to the austere walls. Lanterns create subdued lighting, subtle but essential to the harmony of the space. We could almost believe in a Japanese bar, this light creates a luminous vault that takes you into the kitchen, located at the back of the restaurant. Finally, the beautifully restored original parquet floor. This alchemy is also found in the chef's kitchen. Admire the place and the most beautiful things that are created there…