A revival atmosphere

It is rare that rural inn bears so well-chosen name. Pretty, white buildings of restaurant & inn L’Air du Temps, run by the famous two-star chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre seem to come out of the ground surrounded by vegetable fields.

Cooperation between Sang-Hoon and EXSUD has a new chapter – EXSUD’ designers and interior designers are breathing a new life into this already mythical place. It is more than a style – it is a soul.

A window on the world

Its huge terrace covers the area widely and echoes the cuisine that Sang-Hoon himself defines as "a window open to the world".

Seating comfortably under the ceiling made of natural wooden plates set such as the pages of colossal book, we fell that we are ready to extraordinary journey to the world of visual and taste emotions.

Cosy intimacy

Depending on the season or just for little more privacy you can choose interior room which combines wood and stone, like the roughness and sophistication, the brown, the beige and the grey.

Everything is focused around the fireplace which spreads its heat to the guests who are seating in deep leather armchairs in Art Deco style. Drops of lighting give a brightness to the red heat.

Night side

Stairs with openwork steps and metal banister with LED lighting, like a crazy spiral, leads us to the rooms. We can find the spirit of earth and matter that characterise Exsud’ work.

Native and creative decoration&furniture collections in warm tones. Fabrics, wood, glass and faience in the gray tones.

Frame and perspective

Perspectives closed in vertical, horizontal or diagonal frames and lines create the space. In the bed sky, we notice these amazing raw wood plates which makes serpentine, radiating and diffusing the soft light of hidden lamps.